NFT Trends: is this truly the end?. In short, the answer is “no.” In fact, a quick look at the recent OpenSea volume proves the opposite. On May 1st, the NFT marketplace surpassed $480M in trading sales volume!. This information alone speaks for the NFT niche evolution.

We are back in a period of market consolidation with founders focused on the fundamental, but not particularly newsworthy business of delivering outstanding results for their projects. Despite the uncertainty in the global market because of the war conflict in Ukraine the confidence is still high because the NFT came through during the Covid-fueled March 2020 market crash.

While 2021 saw NFTs gaining mainstream publicity, 2022 is set to be the year NFTs are integrated in a much more solidified way. This escalation will be due mainly to a larger understanding of NFT capabilities, regulation of NFTs, and industry accessibility as a whole.

But the hype period is gone. Going forward, no investment will happen based on hype. The hype around NFTs has helped startups raise millions in funds. According to investment tracking firm Venture Intelligence, VCs invested $520 million in Web3 startups in 31 deals in 2021. In 2022, they have already invested $522 million in 20 deals so far.

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