The Heart NFT: Utility #NFTs designed for the future. Collection/Opensea.

In our Metaverse: each holder receives land – an island – in #metaverse “The Garden of Eden” – for free. Objects can be built, “lived” and traded on it.

In addition to the attractive design, the NFT takes the holder into new spheres, does a lot of good as a door opener and provides real added value!

This NFT can be used as legitimation for numerous offers from the tourism industry, in hotels and restaurants all over the world.

  • In addition, various amenities in other services or products.
  • Ventures are added to the project on an ongoing basis.
  • 10 raffles will be held in total – always depending on the number of NFTs sold.
  • Exclusive products will be offered as prizes tot he holders.
  • At the end of the sale of the NFTs, a house will be bought/built in the winner’s desired location.