The ‘Crypto World’ as it is now is a new world with OLD rules (KYC policies, centralized marketplaces, etc.). All major players have just forgotten what was this all about (a tool to gain freedom), and the result is this: ‘assets’ instead of money, and rampant speculation.

As it has been recently refered at Cointelepgraph:

ICOs themselves are hardly centralized. They may take place in a decentralized platform byt they inherently involve many people trusting a single development team with potentially 00s millions in funding.

We need a new world with NEW rules. Rules emerging from that new world. Otherwise, this is all a huge waste of time for most, and business as usual for the few.

Satoshi Nakamoto was probably a team of engineers. Or not. I don´t care about that. What is really really sad is the feeling of having wasted so much time and having fallen into the old trap: “You need to change the system from the inside”. Lethal assumption when the system is the hugest machine of deceiving people, printing money, faking news, creating wars, and corrupting people that has ever existed.

Para qué vas a usar btc o una dapp si no entiendes de lo que va el asunto, te cuesta el doble, el precio es volátil, es más lento, te tienen más controlado q con dinero Fiat, y encima corres el riesgo de que tus fondos sean hackeados o congelados por alguna ‘autoridad’.

Pues la gente pasa como es lógico. Y la adopción se limita al mismo dinero que entra y sale en un bucle endogámico liderado por especuladores. No es el final, sólo un camino que no lleva a ningun sitio.

Why people should invest in a ‘new asset class’ which is not safe, or liquid, under ultra-strict surveillance policies and with huge volatilities?

And now nor does Big Money neither mainstream going to come. This is what happens when you forget who you are: disappointment and complete failure.

The only mistake is that one from which you don´t learn anything. And there are tons of lessons in the last 10 years lost so far.