This are the things about money that should be fixed both in the “real” and the crypto economy:

Nature of Money. Money should be a mean of exchange and settling acounts NOT a merchandise whose price is controlled by an elite. Right now even Bitcoin prices are manipulared. Money is a mean of settlement to help an economy to be liquid. It should not be a merchandise whose price and manufacturing is controlled by an elite with some kind of Old World capitalist advantage (sorry Bitcoin miners, its nothing personal).

Money should be an asset in itself, not somebody´s liability.

Native value. We need to start developing decentralized apps for people to EARN crypto money, in exchange for their added value. Then (and only then) a market will emerge to trade and spend those cryptos (not the other way around).

Regulation. Rule #1: forget about the Old World rules. Rule #2 welcome emergent rules. Rules coming from networked people for networked people. Rules coming from networked people for networked, responsible people. Sorry banksters and KYC rulers: treating all population like criminals ‘just in case’ someone is a criminal has a very ugly name. It has been tried several times in Europe and it sucks.

Stop the Time Machine. Forget about bringing money from the future in exchange for nothing. Talking basically about asking for money in exchange for tokens with “future valuation” (eg 99,99% of ICOs). Its the same crap one time and another since the Tulips.

Protect privacy. If your work is your responsibility same happens for what you get in exchange for your work. If you lose your keys you lose your money. Do you need some permission to work at something? Then why do you need surveillance to get money in return for your work?. Your money and what you do with it is of your responsibility as an adult.

The New Banksters. Regulators and banks are doing what they are supposed to do: perpetuating their unfair status-quo. As a mafia, they don´t lie to anyone (“We control money, you fight for the money. Period.”)

The real issue lies in the crypto world, which is mainly filled with opportunistic projects and make-me-rich-quickly schemas. If this projects really believed in a new way of doing things they would not comply with those unfair rules. And that´s something ON THEM, because they just want to become the NEW BANKSTERS. That´s the real drama here: the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Most of what is happening was expected. The only way for decentralized money to really have a chance is to enable decentralized value creation and exchange inside Blockchain technology.

That´s because its still very early. We need years of people using apps and crypto software, and selling their products and services in exchange for cryptos. A hole new world needs to be made before crypto money becomes mass adopted.

Until then, most of whats going on is speculation and greedy schemes. Consequence of playing the usual rigged financial game of today´s world.

The only way to make a crypto currency work as it is conceived is to build a parallel market for it. That’s why markets like Amazon or Facebook have a privileged position (plus the first one).

Crypto currencies are mostly a bluf because they are not being generated or manufactured in parallel to a value generating system. You thought about this long ago. Only BTC has a network of businesses and consumers that have adopted it. The rest is pure speculation.