🚨 Important Message to marketing freelancers and agencies: Lose all hope.

Half the planet is selling marketing services, and the other half thinks they don’t need marketing services at all.

Stop “selling”, stop “marketing”, stop pushing the narrative to get things your way. Stop plugging away just to get it your way. It’s not going to work.

When you see people saying “… this is how I made 6 figures blah blah blah you are falling for the post-hoc algorithm fallacy.

The law of big numbers will cause algos to choose successful content based on criteria over which you have no control.

Hacks, tricks and methods that have worked for someone for some time do not have to work for you in your space-time frame.

⚡ Connect with your inner self and figure out what you really want to give to the world. If it’s about helping businesses please don’t frame it as marketing.

⚡ Reinvent yourself, show people that you have something different, original, creative and valuable to give. Have faith in your ability to do it and make it happen!.