Today Marketers play the role of advanced and technical matchmakers as their job is to match their target consumers with the products and solutions that best meet their needs or wants. They are also responsible for matching their consumer segments with the content, messaging, creatives, and CTAs that best suits – across all the platforms and channels their audiences are on.  Marketers generally face massive barriers to understand how customers engage with marketing campaigns and where & how to optimize them. Data visualization, preparation, charts, dashboards and stats are the top areas where talented and expensive marketing resources are getting exhausted and that too are misaligned. The experienced marketing analysts spend their time preparing data rather than analyzing it, which is the wastage of available resources and not utilizing it efficiently.

Marketers today are looking for a centralized place where all stakeholders can connect to the right information and insights– to make smarter decisions across the customer journey. That means connecting a multitude of different data into a system that understands how they need to fit together can be flexibly improvised over time as per marketing requirements.

Marketers who leverage marketing intelligence successfully tend to have four core steps in the process. These are:

The combination of marketing’s data complexity and requirements of the simplicity of control and adaptability has created the conditions for a smarter approach. The main focus of Marketing Intelligence is to empower the marketing department with its smart insights. Marketing Intelligence uses smart technology that can easily understand and learn from the marketing data which keeps on changing. Now marketers can take control of their data from end to end, with the advances in AI, ML and embedded marketing expertise.  This has helped marketers to connect, unify, analyze and act on all of marketing’s data in a way that’s easy– and even automatic.

Datorama helps businesses in handling their processing and analysis of data sets of different sizes and complex levels. It is scalable and cloud-based for growth, access and convenience. Salesforce Datorama, built to provide enterprise-grade intelligence and insights, enables managers to monitor KPIs (key performance indicators), track ROIs (return on investments), and other documents in a centralized repository.

As a leading marketing intelligence platform, Datorama…

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