Every time there’s a technological revolution there’s opportunities because there’s a reshuffling of the deck. That’s the sexy part of being in tech.

New or developing industries (whether glamorous or not) provide more opportunities to get rich than established sectors.

There are 3 reasons:

– Availability of VC
– Ignorance of people
– Power of the wave

The combination of ignorance and confusion surrounding any new market or technology works in your favor.

Gold rushes never emerge in old gold mines, but in new territories.

Look for new mountains where gold is already being mined or will be mined and make a piece of the land yours like in the old west.

You can also appropriate an old mine if you are able to find a new angle from which to exploit it. But always make sure you’re on the right mountain, the one that turns you on.

If you are quick to grasp concepts and jargon, you become an ‘instant expert’. And capital loves experts.