The future evolution of stake-based voting is hotly debated in crypto communities because true decentralisation is not just a core philosophical value but also a technological requirement.

But here´s the thing: #decentralization sometimes becomes an empty word used by centralized companies and centralized regulators to hijack innovation, and shape #web3 deployment to their interests.

According to a report published by Chainalysis, Web3 ownership is surprisingly centralized. A decentralized Autonomous Organization or DAO claims to provide a decentralized structure of management.

However, an analysis of 197 #DAOs by Chainalysis highlighted that nearly 1% of token holders control over 90% of the voting power.

One person, one vote

One person, one vote seems a more democratic alternative, but leaves networks vulnerable to Sybil attacks, in which an individual creates multiple identities to subvert the DAO.

But how to get there? How to make sure that 1 person = 1 vote? this is a hard problem pointing to the ever lasting Digital ID issue.

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