Someone talks on LinkedIn about Phi number as the basis for all consciousness… “Consciousness, also, doesn’t rely on a network of information. It is the network“.

But here´s the thing: does #consciousness emerge from complex #networks, or could it be just the opposite; complexity (in the form of life) evolves to “reproduce” consciousness?.

Same way the branches and leafs of a tree do not create light, but auto-organize to receive and transform light through quantum effects in photosynthesis.

From my point of view there´s only consciousness. And its through quantum-mechanical phenomenon (such as those described by Roger #Penrose) that it becomes objectified, and becomes even aware of itself, as its the case in humans.

This #quantum effects occur on biological #fractal structures that use the #goldenratio as essential to their structure.

This way Phi is used across the Universe (which is essentially a fractal), but its related to objectified consciousness only at biological scale.