There are many things that Artificial Intelligence can’t do for humankind or the society

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Artificial intelligence has put the future of technology on a high pedestal. In the digital world,  is already capable of doing several things that humans can do. The technology can help robots draw your picture amazingly, write a poem for you, click pictures, do house chores, etc. In a nutshell,  is turning to be humans in the 21st century. However, all is not working out in its favour. If we look closely at  technology, we can see there are some things that  can’t do.

Humans started working on technology with the thought to make something as capable as him/them. Although we are not in a full-fledged situation to enjoy such luxury, today,  can do a lot of tasks that humans dreamed of. Moving on to the future,  researchers predict a period when robots could walk, talk, and have perfect human qualities. Even now, half of them are already happening and some are in progress. However, we don’t know if we are awaiting a future where humans and machines work together or robots bring an apocalypse to take over human society. There is no doubt we have had many ground-breaking advancements in , , , quantum computing, etc. Unfortunately,  just isn’t there yet. There are many things, that  can’t do for humankind or society. In a world filled with punditry and hysterical fearmongering, separating  from fiction can be a tough task indeed. That is why Analytics Insight has phrased out some things that  can’t do despite its increasing dominance and unconditional development.

Use ‘Common sense’ to Make Decisions in Real-time

A major aspect where falls behind humans is in using common sense. Although robots are capable of doing what man is incapable of, such as labor intense jobs and working in dangerous circumstances, is still no competition to humans’ intellect. Machines can even make wise decisions and help humans make the right choice, but when things get twisted, robots entangle in confusion. For example, if we say ‘A woman went shopping. She bought a beautiful dress. She left the place with a big smile.’ If asked what…

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