Quality is the most important criterion by which Google ranks websites in SERP. The more convenient, useful, and interesting a web application is, the more users turn to it. The growing number of visitors makes it clear for the search engine that the website has value and should be raised higher so that it can be viewed by as many people as possible. Being in the TOP 10 in the search results is a paramount task, as statistically, only 0.78% of users reach the second page of Google. Therefore, companies should give consideration to not only an SEO audit but also SEO testing because it directly affects the traffic and profits of an organization. Let’s figure out how it works.

What SEO testing is and why it is important

SEO testing is not much different from other types of testing. It involves searching for errors: 404 pages, broken links, irrelevant code, problems with loading pages, visual defects, and so on. All this can be found during UX testing, performance testing, or cross-platform testing. And the goal of SEO testing is to identify problems that can arise after changes in a website before they affect the quality of the web application and organic traffic.

From a tester’s point of view, the 404 error is not a significant bug: it doesn’t cause disruption of the website, and the visitor can go to another page and continue the search. But from the SEO perspective, hundreds of 404 pages can significantly reduce organic traffic. According to Google, 61% of users will leave a website if it has access issues. The search engine sees a lot of low-quality pages with duplicate content and lowers the “intruder” in the ranking.

Here’s another example of the direct impact of errors on traffic. Let’s suppose developers have updated an important page and deleted its heading – H1- by accident. And H1 is one of the mandatory ranking factors, according to which the search engine determines the page content. This is the heading of the page that users see. If H1 is deleted, this important page will simply drop out of the search results, which will lead to a drop in traffic.

From these examples, it becomes clear that any change can lead to the accidental loss of data important for SEO, which will affect the quality of the website and its ranking in the search engine. That’s why testers should devote their attention to SEO. This will allow a business to maintain an unbreakable chain:

  1. The higher the quality of the website that QA provides is, the higher…

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