“We start from what is closer to what we know, and closer to what we can master, and when we nail that down, we find that there is a better way to improve the impact we achieve by moving one step “up” in the process.”

(From: https://hackernoon.com/how-do-product-teams-evolve-is-it-the-best-way-to-achieve-high-performing-teams-1072c3af02ea)

This conclusion is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time: it’s better to develop a very specific and simple concept, and scale from there to more abstract and ambitious functionalities. This is the bottom-up approach.

But 99% of startups follow the opposite path. They start with an academic business idea: “the great vision” with which to conquer the world. And from there they go down to the specific: it is the top-down approach, which leads to having to manage horribly complex scenarios.

This explains why many of these projects need the Lean Startup Methodology: it is the only way not to go crazy!.