The ECB’s money printing has managed to do as much damage to Germany in the past decade, as Weimar money printing did back in the 30s.

In the 3 decades leading up to 2010, Germany was pretty much the only Western country where housing didn’t get more expensive. Instead, German housing got better, while prices actually decreased a bit year over year. Just as is the case in any -real- market economy.

But, now being stuck in bed with the Brussels drunks: Since 2010, Germany has joined the rest of the West down the path to totalitarian dystopian-ness and rule by half literate, incompetent morons, who “make money off their house and portfolio” as well.

All of it with entirely predictable consequences for everything: from worsening competitiveness, to decreasing living standards, to blind faith in whichever halfwit elbows his way to a TV screen.

And now get ready for the special dessert: rampant inflation, and energy rationing in order to punish “the Russians”.