Most marketing boards insist on ‘problem-solving’ as the main approach to gain customers. But solving immediate needs is only an intermediate step. It is important to go further. What we all seek (even unconsciously) are deeper motivations and concepts.

Lets review some marketing strategies:

– Mediocre marketing focuses on the product or the seller.
– Traditional marketing focuses on the benefits, and puts them ahead of the specifications.
– Brilliant marketing revolves around the human condition: your desires and aspirations.

When you know how to connect to people by appealing to those desires magic happens. I’m talking about feeling better, having more time, creating a family, having more fun, falling in love, feeling in control of your life, etc.

None of these concepts are specific companies or products. They are fundamental human aspirations. But they are crushed by the materialistic and shortermistic culture in which we live.

85% of one´s success in life is directly due to communication skills. Big winners know there´s a 3 letter word more potent than “SEX”, and its “YOU”. Make it always about them.