I am going to review some forms of ignorance making life more difficult for us:

Material ignorance: you perceive the world with its objects and problems as solid and immutable.
Solution: understand that in reality you are the only thing real, and it is the rest of the world that moves around and mutates like a whirlpool.

Spiritual ignorance: you don’t know who you are, you prefer others to tell you, or even copy other people. Lack of inspiration.
Solution: look for that part inside you that has not changed since you were born. Start doing what you wanted to do when you were a kid.

Technical ignorance: not listening to others, not knowing how to be silent, not being able to learn.
Solution: spend time every day not to make any judgment or assessment of the past or the future. Learn new things.

Emotional ignorance: you let yourself be dragged by emotions, and in doing so you become them.
Solution: observe and dissociate yourself from thoughts and emotions, with the certainty that they are part of something that comes and goes.

All ignorance is rooted in a single ignorance: not being in the here – now.