VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The global food enzymes market size was USD 2,058.0 Million in 2020. Rising demand for food enzymes from the food & beverage industry and increasing health awareness among an increasing number of consumers is driving global food enzymes market revenue growth to a significant extent. Also, market players are focusing on producing enzymes for which large scale production is not possible, thereby offering customers access to a wider variety of products. One such enzyme is amylase, which is used to extend the freshness of breads.

Drivers: Increasing demand for convenience food

Convenience foods are witnessing increasing demand due to benefits of saving time and energy. Products include frozen foods, ready-to-eat snacks, canned foods, and chilled foods. Increasing number of consumers who prefer eating on the go is driving demand for convenience foods is driving demand as these products offer convenience and ease of use and quick delivery, among various others advantages. Presently, consumers worldwide are indicating a shift in preference for products that are natural, customizable, and nutritious, without compromise on flavor and health benefits. This is driving rising use of food enzymes in convenience food to improve texture, flavor, and nutritional value, and to cater to rising requirements among consumers.

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Restraints: Limited operational range

Characteristics and functions of food enzymes are very much influenced by various conditions, especially temperature. Food enzymes are also highly sensitive to changes in physical and chemical conditions in the immediate surroundings. Limited operational temperature range is key restraint for market revenue growth.  A dip in temperature results in extreme reduction in rate of reaction, whereas high temperature damages the structure of enzymes, thus rendering it ineffective. Furthermore, high cost to produce food enzymes and easy contamination possibility are some factors impacting market growth. Players in the market exploring more innovative methods to produce food enzymes that can stay functional in a wider temperature range.

Growth Projections

The global food enzymes market size is expected to reach USD 3,309.9 Million at a revenue CAGR of 6.1% in 2028, attributed to increasing advancements in technology to manufacture enzymes in a more efficient…

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