As a tie in with the current issue of Ludogogy, we organised a number of events about Playtesting and Prototyping, starting with a panel discussion on the 14th September and culminating with a demo of Nutstarter on the 25th.

I am immensely gratefully to all the wonderful contributors to Ludogogy who participated in this tie-in event and gave generously of their time, expertise and playfulness to make this tie-in such a great event, and a useful resource into the future.

I hope you enjoy what you see below, and that you will take the time to connect with these game creators and find out more about what they do.

The panel disscussion on 14th September saw great tips and insights from (L to R, top to bottom) Andy Yeoman, Sarah Le-Fevre, Joe Slack, Laxman Murugappan, Mohsin Memon, Mihaela Danciu, Erik Agudelo, and Andrew Lau.

Sarah Le-Fevre is a games-based learning professional who specialises in organisational learning around systemic ‘wicked problems’, and helping businesses spot and exploit opportunities for ethical ‘for good’ innovation. She works with tools such as Lego® Serious Play® and the Octalysis gamification framework to create compelling immersive learning experiences. She is currently writing a book outlining a systems practice approach to delivering impactful learning within organisations.

A real board games nerd, she is considering having her floors reinforced to support the ever increasing weight of the boxes. When she is not designing or facilitating learning games she is the editor of Ludogogy Magazine, and also the community facilitator for Speculative Optimism, a futures-thinking based co-creation project to imagine and then realise better futures for people and planet. Sarah lives in Oxfordshire with her husband, younger daughter, and a beautiful (but very loud) Bengal cat. Contact her at

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