To extract data from websites, you can take advantage of data extraction tools like Octoparse. These tools can pull data from websites automatically and save them into many formats such as Excel, JSON, CSV, HTML, or to your own database via APIs. It only takes a few minutes to extract thousands of lines of data, and the best part is that no coding is required in this process. 

Take Google Search as an example. Let’s say we are interested in information related to “smoothie” and we want to extract all the titles, descriptions, and webpage URLs from the search results. To extract data from Google Search, you can use a web scraping template. A template is a preformatted crawler that is ready-to-use without any configuration. There are over 50 templates for you to choose from. You will see all the templates ranging from eCommerce websites like Amazon and eBay to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Octoparse offers custom templates as well.

Step 1: Choose a web scraping template

To use the templates, you need to have Octoparse installed on your computer. Select the “Task Template” mode. Navigate to Google Search web scraping template under the “search engine” category. 

Step 2: Read the template instruction

Open the template. Check the instructions and the sample output to make sure that this template will get you the data you need. You can hover the cursor on the data fields to see which elements on the websites will be extracted. 

Check out the parameters to get a better idea of what you need to input. The parameters would vary in different templates as they may require a different search term to proceed. It could be a URL, a keyword, a list of URLs/keywords, the number of pages that you want to scrape, and so on. In this case, we need to input the search term  “smoothie”.

Step 3: Use the template and start extraction 

Proceed by clicking “use template”, then enter “smoothie” and hit “save and run”. If it’s a one-time project, you can simply run the crawler on your local computer. Whereas, if you are handling an on-going project, you can schedule the extraction on the Octoparse cloud platform. When the extraction is done, you can export it into many formats, like Excel, CSV and txt.

We just introduced how to use a web scraping template to extract web data from Google Search. You can also build your own crawler within…

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