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Sonic Testnet Records 100K Wallets and 17M Transactions in Launch Week

🚀 Sonic Launches Game-Changing Layer-2 on Solana 🎮✨

Sonic, the pioneering gaming Layer-2 on Solana, reached 100K unique wallets and 17M transactions within a week! 🔥🌐

As the first atomic SVM Layer-2, Sonic enhances gaming with customizable tools, a sandbox environment, and rapid processing speeds on Solana. 🎮⚡

In just 36 hours, Sonic’s Testnet Odyssey hit 45K wallets and 3.2M transactions, showcasing rapid adoption and interest in its L2 infrastructure. 🚀📊

Engagement soared as users interacted with Odyssey-integrated games like Jogojogo and Fomoney, rewarding transactions, and driving adoption. 🎯🔥

Developed by Mirror World Labs, Sonic bridges the gap in Solana’s gaming sector with ecosystem grants and accelerator programs for rapid deployment. 🌉👾

Funded by $12M in Series A led by BITKRAFT, Sonic’s future includes major upgrades and participation in global gaming events. 💰🌟

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