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Iberdrola Advances Artificial Intelligence Application in Operations

Electrification: A Driving Force for Change

Electrification: A Driving Force for Change

Iberdrola’s growth driver from 2024 to 2026 is its electricity grids. These networks connect industrial and domestic demand with power generation, emphasizing decarbonisation and energy efficiency.

Electrification and Self-Consumption

Electrification is vital for reducing carbon emissions. Companies and individuals switch from fossil fuels to renewables, embracing electric vehicles and heat pumps. Decentralized self-consumption reshapes grid design.

Iberdrola, through its Perseo program, leverages machine learning in its grids, forecasting demand, generation scenarios, self-consumption, and storage. This ensures efficient grid investments and capacity planning.

Promoting Digital Solutions

Perseo supports digital solutions for flexible energy access. Startups must consider generation, self-consumption, storage, electric mobility, heat pumps, and industrial decarbonisation. New demands include digital electrification, AI, and green hydrogen.

Qualified startups may enter agreements with Perseo or Iberdrola, receiving financial and technical support. Success can lead to collaboration with Iberdrola’s Networks area and scaling opportunities through the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub.

Strategic Investments in Grids

Iberdrola plans to invest 21.5 billion euros in grids between 2024-2026, expanding U.S., U.K., Brazilian, and Spanish networks. This strengthens energy self-sufficiency, efficiency, and corporate competitiveness.

Empowering Startups

Since 2008, PERSEO has invested over 200 million euros in startups focusing on electrification and decarbonisation. The 2020 Venture Builder program, backed by 40 million euros, supports sectors challenging to decarbonise and circular economy initiatives.

Iberdrola’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability drives the energy sector forward, leveraging investment and collaboration with startups for a greener future.

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