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Fictional Startup around Media and Cybersecurity

Startup around Media and Cybersecurity created with AI

Startup around Media and Cybersecurity created with AI

Hal149 – Cybersecurity at the Speed of Media 🚀

Digital transformation is accelerating across media, with cyberattacks expected to cost the sector $7 billion by 2025. 📈 We’ve spotted a gap ripe for innovation.

Our product, HalGuard, seamlessly integrates AI-driven cybersecurity with real-time digital media workflows. It’s the only solution that strengthens defenses without compromising media efficiency. 🔒💡

We’ll reach media houses, streamers, and production companies through digital campaigns and strategic partnerships. Initial pricing starts at $10K/year per license. Scaling through SaaS and referral programs. 🌐📣

Our team includes Jane Doe (CTO, ex-Google cybersecurity) and John Smith (CEO, ex-Netflix digital media). Together, they bring unrivaled expertise and vision to pioneer this niche. 👥💼

We seek $5M to be allocated to R&D, marketing, and team expansion. Expecting 10x returns and an acquisition by a major cybersecurity firm in 3 years. 💰📈

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➡️ This is a fictional startup created with a custom GPT model.
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