The use of images in communication is one of the most recommended practices. But images are meaningless, except those representing a real and compelling metaphor.

Metaphors are the simplest way to explain your services and communicate your message. Lets review some keys to create effective metaphors to market your product.

Visuals stick in the mind

Create visual metaphors that stick in people´s minds, and are easily repeated. Eg sentences like “mobile first”, “techies vs normals”, “software is eating the world”, “the long tail”, “being digital”, etc. This catchphrases allow people to remember the core point with a 1-line phrase, which can be delivered to journalists, VCs, employees, etc.

Appeal to both sides of the brain

Be holistic. Appeal both to the right and left hemispheres. Paint a picture both sides of the brain can fill in. Interactivity is essential, as well as authenticity: storytelling has to be genuine.

Keep it simple

Simplify your message; you need to distill complex concepts down to a small handful of talking points. Remember Jobs unveiling the iPad: both technical (equipment) and emotional (hip, cool, and visionary). But most of all: simple.

In the end the secret is about relating your product to something current and relevant. Help people to feel and to understand at the same time.