MOTIVES for spreading a man-made virus:

1. Banksters cover up for an economy already in free-fall. New excuse to print trillions which will be paid by the public.

2. Cripple China and particularly president Xi’s government and also to cripple the Trump administration

3. Further steps for a police state with bringing the people into absolute serfdom.

4. A social credit system. Similar to that of China: check immunization passports together with digital ID and chip implants.

5. Mandatory vaccination.

6. A digital currency.

7. Universal Basic Income.

8. A transition to a technocratic dictatorship since everybody has to be monitored because of the virus.

9. A transition to a world system since this is a global problem.

10. Population reduction (possibly this virus affects men’s fertility).

“It is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them”

~ Zbigniew Brzezinski ~

11. Now they can do both control and kill.

The vaccine is to register your DNA with your phone number and your physical body to surveil you: coronatracking.

If you dont want to e coronatracked by the United Nations General Assembly,you need to find out who is your regional Resilient Cities Coordinator, that is a key phrase that will find you the trail from the un to your city hall.

the democratic operatives in your town need to be mapped and associates identified, and then replaced with better people.

once they start picking up the refuseniks it will be too late. need to get the UN local leadership (strong cities, strong communities Resilient Cities UN/DNC/BLM/Antifa) identified and replaced in the city and state governments to provide support for local police forces.

establish positive liaison with local police, support local sheriff department, establish path for citizens against UN invasion.

The richest man in the world becomes interested in vaccines and lo and behold the world has its first pandemic in over 100 years.

Collapse in Waves
hen an economic system is collapsing, it happens in waves.

1) UNEQUALITY. Generally throughout history, those closest to the money supply gain immense “fortunes” built up in the fiat currency they live under in a disproportionate amount to the regular people. They store most of it in places that garner them more fiat without having to do anything at all for it but wait.

2) ANGER. The general population begins to take notice of this and begins to do two things; attempt to reign this disparity in via social methods (politics, demonstrations etc) while simultaneously “figuring out the trick” and trying to get closer to the source. You’ll see this in current examples of the now defunct Occupy Wall Street movement and currently Robinhood traders. These will make a small dent in the disparity by sheer dumb luck but will eventually bring about those same peoples’ financial and societal ruination.

3) LOOTING. The people at the source begin to scrape the froth off of the top of the fiat spigot and amassing real things; property, storage tanks, airplanes etc. They continue to exploit this part of the game as long as possible and use inflation of the fiat to hold tighter around the necks of the regular people to keep them focused on where they’re going to get their next loaf of bread instead of who is causing the price off goods to rise. This is the soft spot that they try to exist in until they know for sure that the currency/economy/society are ready to collapse under their own weight.

4) COLLAPSE A collapse begins in one section or another. If monetary, hyperinflation begins. If economic, deflation begins. If societal, stagflation. All of these bleed into the others eventually. After scraping off the froth in the last stage, they begin the full on assault on the regular people by using the panic to gobble up so much real property/businesses/institutions etc that the regular people almost welcome it because “hey, at least I don’t have to worry about my mortgage anymore” or “those rich people just donated a ton of food to the food bank we go to, how nice!”. Once it all resets again, whether it be 5 years or 50, they and their descendants are the only ones holding anything of real value anymore. This stage can’t last forever because the regular people will fully destroy them when they have no shelter or food. So they rebuild a new system of control and begin it all over again.

So when the people at the top (rich, elites, whatever the popular word of the decade is) collapse the system, the reason they do is because of straight up greed and legacy planning. They simply couldn’t be bothered to care how many regular people die from whatever they may die from this time around. Their only interest is their own survival, and they tend to have the upper hand in making sure they do survive by destroying their only competitors (regular people) and making sure they’re distracted enough to not turn back on the elites with force. That’s why the first rights to diminish are privacy and self protection (swords, then bows, now guns etc). If the masses have nothing but sheer volume of people without tools to fight with, the majority of them won’t engage the problem elites but will turn on one another instead because it’s a “fair fight”!

It’s all very clever (or so they think) and it’s rhymed so many times throughout history that it’s really becoming something that can only be ignored at our own personal peril. I’m am not advocating for violence against anyone for any of this, however, I believe that people will need to wake up to this or starve to death when it all comes tumbling down. I don’t have a solution to the problems as I currently see them. I’m lost about what can really be done as I feel like most people simply wouldn’t give a hoot about what anyone else says/thinks/writes anymore.

The reason I assume there is a controlling “them” is because I’ve dealt with some of them. They have vast amounts of money and time which they use to organize, analyze and plan (ie. plot). And they form networks like the Trilateral Commission, the World Economic Council, the Council on Foreign Relations. Unlike me, they don’t have jobs that require them to spend time away from these endeavors – these endeavors ARE their jobs.
Money, and time, and the motivation to survive, gives them an almost insurmountable advantage. And these plans are NOT SECRET. They’re explicitly stated so there’s no need to kill off two out of three to keep a secret. It’s just that population reduction is so abhorrent, we can only get our heads around it if we claim it’s a conspiracy theory

It’s obvious only UN Agenda 2030 will save us, as long as you are not part of of the 80% they plan to cull.

Operation Paperclip brought the best scientists, psychiatrists, and doctors from Nazi Germany to the West. They then created a platform on how to manipulate the masses into a slow rolled fascist world government. It is here now, and most have no clue that it is real.