⚠️ Don´t fall into the trap of confusing scarcity with value

Most of the crypto community boasts about the uniqueness of an NFT as a source of value.

Confusing #scarcity with value is one of the most widespread fallacies in this industry. And it generates all sorts of nonsense on a daily basis.

👉 A stone on the ground is always unique; no 2 are identical. But that doesn’t make it valuable.

👉 You can make #NFTs of a worthless image, but the #blockchain registration won’t add any extra value to it. It will still be worthless.


❌ Registration does not imply value.
❌ Rarity does not imply value.
❌ Uniqueness does not imply value.


✅ Value comes from human needs,
✅ Value also comes from human desire,
✅ Value is embodied as art, utility, community, brand, etc.

Once you have value, desire and scarcity will boost it exponentially.

But you need value first of all.