The real purpose of vaccine passports is to condition and nudge the public into accepting the widespread and routine use of privacy-destroying digital IDs.

If you are like me, you probably have not slept very well last night and not because of the summer heat, the heat is now on for all of us as the vaccine passport and digital identity agenda steps into overdrive. They have a short implementation window therefore there is now a concerted push to implement this authoritarian system before Autumn / Fall, which in my mind has always been the ‘end-goal’ on the global plandemic.

Vaccine passports are the key entry point for biometrics, connected digital health, vaccine data and digital identities, and complying with these new protocols and programs opens the doors to a new level of domination that will touch every part aspect of our very existence.

The need for social currency and proof of privileges to participate in society is the very antithesis of freedom and interconnectedness. And we are slowly emerging into a defunct Chinese surveillance state, that is the agenda my friends.

Their justification to assign everyone with a vaccine passport like a QR code on an item at a grocery store, is to track and control people and their vaccines, and to be able to do that at the very granular geo-locational levels.

Once you have an identifier tied to vaccine compliance, they can link it to pretty much any other digital service and platform including digital currencies. It will not simply be about managing your body and managing your health records, this is just the start of a new multi-track and fragmented dystopian society.

But if you understand the end goal here is towards the digital transhumanist future of slowly genetically modifying whole populations, then you can understand that they need good data and an analytics platform. These health records, in my opinion, are going to be used to track these experimental gene therapies across time, places and across individuals.