The world has too much debt, which cannot be repaid (actually by design). But growth is too slow to allow governments to cope by inflating away debt service costs.

So they try and trick the people by offering a quick, bank free way of taking on more debt. These are the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies). These digital currencies will still be debt obligations. This time is probably going to boost a new bubble: the new space exploration career.

The ‘Wall of Money’ is coming

A world that is overly indebted doesn’t need more debt to solve their debt problem. Central banks are just using these as ways of keeping banks assets from being defaulted on.

This isn’t for the people. It is for the banks. Just legal money laundering so banks don’t blow up yet again. And on the way you get a new layer of despotism and control over the people. (“Sorry, your social score is too low for you to spend money!. Go to the nearest vaccination center.”).

CBDCs are fiat money on steroids; a good play for social parasites, but a terrible idea for the economy. The good news is that it will never happen (but that´s a different story).