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What is good or bad is about morals, and everybody has his own.

But value is something based on common ground.

And it’s measured by real, standard money.

Its about Value not Money

Most people does not know how money and the financial sector work.

Money creation in the banks is not intrinsically good or bad. Real issue are the incentives to create money.

Money creation aligned with value production does not generate inflation.

Growth has always a first stage of productive lending (real growth), and a mature stage of speculative lending (bubbles).… Read more...

Do not compete. Make the others to compete with you.

Are you a creator or a follower?

Innovation is always cheaper than competition.

Crowded niches are a waste of time and money.

Stop following the leaders; they are just a red light.

Stop competing. Start creating.

Stop Trying to Convince People

- Convincing is the worst game in the world and its the game the majority of people in business play. - First of all you never convince anyone. But when you need to convince someone of somethi...

The Algo for the Marketing Machine

If we needed to fully automate the marketing mix of a customer with AI and marketing automation how would we proceed? First question should be a decision tree, and getting some information from the customer.

🚀 Local
Businesses located at a specific place: stores, shops, etc.
– Experience
– SEO / Google Ads
– Email marketing
– Social

🚀 Luxury
– Experience
– Advertising
– Events

🚀 Verticals
Utilities and competitive niches: insurance, energy, etc.…

How to build a brand strategy for a startup

Brand strategy is WHY you will win.

Marketing plan is HOW: levers you will pull to hit your goals.

Step 1: Review Competitive Landscape
– Do tear downs.
– Understand leading value props.
– Interview users of your competition to understand what’s working, what’s not.
– Know who the players are and where they play vs where you will play.… Read more...

No Sales People for Startups

Tech founders can´t hire in sales people, because early stage sales ins´t about making money but about learning.

The problem with startups is that you have to figure out WHAT you are selling AS you are selling it.

Its about finding what people cares about and figuring out what the sales process would look like.… Read more...

Have a vision for world domination, but very achievable first steps. Create shareholder value is a byproduct of building something great, not a primary goal. You don´t pursue money, neither shareholder value. You need to pursue value creation at huge scale, for as many people as possible.

The 3 Focus Approach to Early-Stage Startups

This is a good framework to help entrepreneurs to make sense of the chaos and uncertainty for a whole year.


Focus on who you really are; how to strengthen your skills to create amazing stuff, and make the world a better place. This is related to purpose and coaching.


Focus on developing ONE single product with one price targeted to a single niche.… Read more...

From Rigid to Fluent Product Management

Early #startups at the end of 20th century adopted engineering procedures similar to those of big companies: long development cycles, product launches, detailed business plans, goals, etc.

This business school approach ended in failure almost always.

Losers blindly execute a rigid product management and introduction methodology, trusting everything to the vision and the funding.… Read more...

Are you a startup? Don´t make this mistake

Too many #startups confuse big vision and trying to solve universal truths.

Big vision is important. You need a lofty, change-the-world type goal. But trying to solve things at that level uses to mean that you ain’t solving day-by-day problems.

When selling to customers, founders make the mistake of making a question that can only have one possible answer and when they get that answer they use it as a justification for their solution.… Read more...

The West is trapped in group thinking. You can't talk about anything you don't like because it's not positive, or it might offend someone. The result is that everyone ends up having the s...

The risk is in the idea, not in the diffusion

I have had to sign a confidentiality agreement to help someone with a business idea…

But the risk is in the idea, not in the diffusion.

#Entrepreneurs who hide their ideas never realize that the risk is not in the diffusion, but in the idea itself.

They tell themselves that if nobody has done it yet, it is because nobody has thought of it, and that they are the first.… Read more...

Only do your One Thing

Your project´s ‘One Thing’ falls at the intersection of the 3 truths:

– The one thing you are most passionate about
– The one thing you have a realistic shot at being the best.
– A huge untapped market opportunity

Only do your One Thing

Say no to everything not aligned with your One Thing.

Success requires extraordinary execution on an ordinary idea

#Success requires extraordinary execution on an ordinary idea.

#Ideas are not that important: its what you do with them what matters.

Get out there and mix it up with your idea, and you´ll find that the advocates will come to you organically.

Be as transparent as you are comfortable being about what you are passionate about: #art , tech…

Its not about the idea: its about why you do it (#purpose), and execution.

Make them pay since the start

Make customers pay since the start

Your product is BS and you are going to fail if you don´t ask users to pay.

You don’t even need a product to do this: ask them to pay even before you have a product.

People don’t pay for products, they pay for what you believe a product to be.

You can prove Product-Market fit with just a landing sales page.… Read more...

NFTs: Next Big Thing in Advertising?

New brand storytelling and audience interaction methods have emerged that allow companies to use #NFTs to boost brand awareness, because of the fan base they attract.

And as #web3 continues to evolve and grow, so will the adaptation of NFTs in the #Metaverse economy as:

✅ game assets
✅ membership passes
✅ virtual land ownership

The problem with royalties:

A typical brand marketing campaign today pays a creator up-front for a partnership.… Read more...

Looking for the New Next Tech Gold Rush

Every time there’s a technological revolution there’s opportunities because there’s a reshuffling of the deck. That’s the sexy part of being in tech.

New or developing industries (whether glamorous or not) provide more opportunities to get rich than established sectors.… Read more...

The fallacy of scarcity

The monetary system was invented centuries ago and yet we continue to use it without asking the most basic questions about the fundamental fallacy.

This fallacy is that there is scarcity because human desires are infinite, while resources are limited.

Proof that this is a fallacy is what has happened with agriculture.… Read more...

La Ventaja Injusta

Mucha gente fracasa encontrando un tesoro porque tienen el mapa equivocado. Otros tienen un buen mapa de un tesoro que no existe, y también fracasan en el intento. Hacer un diagnóstico correcto de una oportunidad es un buen comienzo pero no es suficiente.

Incluso tener una buena estrategia para una oportunidad real te puede llevar al fracaso si no eres capaz de llevarla a cabo.… Read more...

Startups: From Traction to Growth

When creating a new product early adopters and nerds need to go first. Some people are early when it comes to shoes, or mystery novels, or records, while others adopt early in politics, ideas or restaurants.

Most of the time many of us choose to be in the slot of the mass, but in most of  startups or innovative projects you are going after and early adopter crowd that is incredibly distant from regular folks. … Read more...

From “Product Marketing” to “You Marketing”

Most marketing boards insist on ‘problem-solving’ as the main approach to gain customers.

But solving immediate needs is only an intermediate step. It is important to go further.

What we all seek (even unconsciously) are deeper motivations and concepts.

Lets review some marketing strategies:

– Mediocre marketing focuses on the product or the seller.… Read more...

Entropia de un Mercado en el Marketing Digital

Una de las definiciones de entropía en Teoria de la Información es la cantidad de combinaciones equivalentes de un mismo sistema (Shannon). Vamos a aplicar este principio para analizar el mercado de una marca y las posibles estrategias comerciales a aplicar.

Supongamos un mercado objetivo.

Si este grupo no está segmentado (ordenado) se trata de personas mezcladas con el resto de la población, y el grupo tiene mucha entropía.… Read more...

The 20- Interview Rule for B2B Startups

Before you write a single line of code, formulate a business plan, or take some other kind of leap, interview 20 real potential customers. Not your friends or people you know. They have real potential buyers: and they have to be 20 of them.

You need the first five interviews just to truly understand the white space and the current opportunity.… Read more...