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Crypto and Web3 mass adoption is not even near yet

People have a hard time grasping the idea of digital information that you can not copy-paste. The copy-paste thing works in the internet, not in the Blockchain.

Internet is not Blockchain: Internet is about information, Blockchain is about value.

Most can’t actually visualize how a Bitcoin moves around (it doesn´t move), and people just think in terms of money moving around.… Read more...

As long as there are centralized algorithms deciding what you can and cannot read on the Internet, what you read will be biased, your opinion will be censored, and elections will be manipulated.

A Problem of Disintermediation of Trust

The key concept of blockchain is the disintermediation of trust.

This is what many participants in this ecosystem do not understand, because all the focus is always on the speculative or the regulatory.

We live in a model of exploitable authority. That is, they have turned the trust we all place in public authorities into a central authority (economic, fiscal, legal, etc.)… Read more...

Its about Value not Money

Most people does not know how money and the financial sector work.

Money creation in the banks is not intrinsically good or bad. Real issue are the incentives to create money.

Money creation aligned with value production does not generate inflation.

Growth has always a first stage of productive lending (real growth), and a mature stage of speculative lending (bubbles).… Read more...

The ultra-niche approach

Serious about building a big business? do this:

– ONE target market
– ONE Product
– ONE Conversion tool
– ONE Channel
– ONE Year

Focusing is most of the game

La Supuesta Sabiduría de las Masas

Según Michael J.Maubossin, author of ‘Think Twice’, hace falta que se cumplan 3 condiciones para que la masa genera verdadera ‘sabiduría’:

– Diversidad entre sus miembros
– Respeto por la opinión de cada uno de sus miembros
– Incentivos que permitan a las personas con iniciativa participar.… Read more...

Where does growth come from.

Interest rates and inflation dominate in the short term; 2-3 year time horizon.

But innovation is the one that dominates in the long term.

Things are not cheap or expensive.

Things have value, and value is abut perception.

Scarcity is also about perception.

Its always and always will be about perception.

Only connecting ideas and people generates real wealth.

Management does not create wealth.

Hard work does not create wealth.

You don’t make money or wealth by managing a business.

Those who make it is because they have disengaged from the business enough to see ‘the bigger scheme’ of things.

Llegar a la cima siendo un 1% mejor

La Regla del 1% establece que con el tiempo, la mayoría de los beneficios de un campo determinado se acumulan en la gente, equipos y organizaciones que mantienen una ventaja de un 1% sobre otras alternativas.

Aquellos que son ligeramente peores acaban con poco o nada.

Esto es resultado de la recursividad del tiempo.…

wtf happened in 1971

Honest question to economists:

What is the mechanism by which the returns to labor have stagnated compared to the returns to capital once the gold standard is abandoned?

A stab in the dark: consumer debt, primarily through housing loans, started dramatically shifting post world war 2. and the data post 1971 started showing the knock on effects of an economy increasingly dependent on leverage to support citizen’s lifestyles.… Read more...

Web3 & Environmental Issues

Concerns around the ethical implications of #blockchain technology have been around since its early days. However, as the technology gained relevance, it would eventually become one of the major sources of both positive and negative criticism.

The #PoW mechanism underpinning Ethereum is ecologically costly by design and, despite plans to phase out in favor of the greener Proof of Stake alternative, this transition has been in the works for almost as long as it’s existed.… Read more...

The System uses all its resources to create a reality of #scarcity and limitation. But you are free to accept it, and impose it on yourself.

The West is trapped in group thinking. You can't talk about anything you don't like because it's not positive, or it might offend someone. The result is that everyone ends up having the s...

The Darkness of Fiat

In the year 2022, running a reliable electric grid is a trivial technological challenge.

If you are a productive human but cannot get 24/7 #electricity today, the only possible explanation is that you’ve been enslaved by your local politicians & #centralbanks.

Electric grids were made reliable decades ago.…

We are Locked-in in this System Until Collapse

The main problem with future´s self-reliant #ecotechnical communities is that there are very few paths to there from where we are: our industrial consumer civilization.

Reason is that you can not easily abandon the money economy because everything you do will have to produce enough excess to feed the huge upside down pyramid of banks, corps, bureaucracies, military, etc.… Read more...

Fuller and conscious engineering

This world is built on political and economic hierarchies that completely control resources and alter the #environment, almost always for the worse.

Buckminster Fuller’s key innovative thinking was based on facilitating a #selforganizing society, as occurs in natural environments.

The fundamental idea is that #Nature could inspire other social structures, #sustainable, and universally local.… Read more...