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World functions like a network, because its actually a network

Most undervalue the importance of personal connection, and overvalue facts, data and things for their own sake. But nothing you know is of any use to you if you can’t put it into practice. Or share and debate with another. Nothing you have is of any use if you can’t enjoy it with someone else.

World functions like a network, because its actually a network.… Read more...

A secret code in the WC

So here´s this bathroom with that pixelated design “GitHub contributions style”.

Because of a comment I made the other day someone asked me the other how could this wall possibly contain a hidden, encoded message. Lets do a little digging into it.

A way to decode this wall would be to consider a base 3 or ternary base, by doing:

– white pixel = 0
– light green pixel = 1
– dark green pixel = 2

And now read the code.…

The Mind in Complex Adaptive Systems

The most challenging aspect of making strategic decisions in a complex adaptive system is its adaptive nature. Any human knows that the actors, or agents, operating in this systems are not fixed and unresponsive. Instead they change their behaviour as the incentives set by their environment change.

The mind works as a complex adaptive system that creates and simulates reality like some kind of “actionable mirror”.… Read more...

AI and the Selfish Gene

Epigenetics theories of Larmarck applied to AI and predictive behaviour in humans. Evolution does not serve individuals, but genes propagation (Dawkins ‘selfish genes’).

Use personal data as DNA that is transfered from individual to individual in a world where individuals are just the ‘interfaces’ for genes to learn and spread across the world.… Read more...

The Universe is about Energy, Information and You

The Universe is not matter and space, but energy and information. Energy exists in the form of patterns and propagation of waves in the vacuum that fills space. Energy is the ‘hardware’ of the universe (not matter, which is just a perception). Information is the software.

The Universe is not an assembly of bits of inert matter moving passively and randomly in empty space, but a coherent and dynamic Whole.… Read more...

The Weak Spot of Sociopathic Elites

The more unfair and secretive an organization is the more paranoid it becomes, and the more leaks it suffers. This makes its internal communications very inefficient, as everything must pay a kind of ‘tax’ to maintain secrecy, in the form of slowness, inefficiencies, leaks, etc.

When your entire existence is devoted to your sociopathic tendency for control, you eventually fail because of your self-imposed blindspots that are obvious to normal people.… Read more...

Bias vs Variance, Overfitting vs Underfitting

This is related to confusing signal with noise.

– Bias: distance of the results to the target.
– Variance: the spread of the results

– Overfitting: The model get more complex and fits too much to the noise from the data. This results in low error on training set, but high error on new data, test/validation sets.… Read more...

Information Entropy and a house made of legos

Entropy is the number of ways you can arrange the littlest parts of a system and still get the same big system (1). Alternatively, entropy technically is a mean to determine how many different ways you can rearrange the atoms of an object, and still have it look pretty much the same.

For example; a bag full of Lego Bricks has a lot of entropy because there are many equivalent states or configurations (disorder).… Read more...

Germany destroyed, again

The ECB’s money printing has managed to do as much damage to Germany in the past decade, as Weimar money printing did back in the 30s.

In the 3 decades leading up to 2010, Germany was pretty much the only Western country where housing didn’t get more expensive. Instead, German housing got better, while prices actually decreased a bit year over year.… Read more...