Notes from The Singularity

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Decentralized science – a vision for the future

Decentralized science (DeSci) is an ongoing global movement to rethink the scientific research ecosystem using blockchain technology. It adopts the web3 model of decentralized ownership, enabling fair and equitable scientific research funding.

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are critical to DeSci’s framework for introducing funding opportunities for scientists and researchers.… Read more...

Non-Computable You

What You Do That Artificial Intelligence #AI Never Will by Mind Matters podcast host Robert J. Marks is now available in audiobook form. Listen now to an excerpt from the second chapter as read by Larry Nobles. Will machines someday replace attorneys, physicians, computer programmers, and world leaders?… Read more...

Information Entropy and a house made of legos

Entropy is the number of ways you can arrange the littlest parts of a system and still get the same big system (1). Alternatively, entropy technically is a mean to determine how many different ways you can rearrange the atoms of an object, and still have it look pretty much the same.

For example; a bag full of #Lego Bricks has a lot of entropy because there are many equivalent states or configurations (disorder).… Read more...

Travel to Your Consciousness

Quantum world is to our reality what machine code is to computer programming. The “real reality”; the source code.

We live in a world built upon layers and layers of abstraction.

What we call reality is an illusion, and includes ourselves: our ego, our mind, emotions, bodies, etc.… Read more...

Spiral Dynamics Integral

Conflict and cultural wars are a part of society. They happen when different groups of people have different values and beliefs. These differences can lead to misunderstanding and mistrust. When th...

The Rubik’s Cube – one of the world’s best selling toys – is a 3D puzzle that was invented by Hungarian professor of architecture Ernő Rubik in 1974.

There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible arrangements of the cube!

🔵 Some interesting facts:

📌 43 quintillions is a number so large that you could easily come up with an arrangement that no human has ever achieved before.… Read more...

Our Universe is actually a #Metaverse Time, space and ego are a matter of perspective. Connect to your inner self to find true reality!. (Credit to @TansuYegen for the video)

Ever wonder what the value of this expression is?

here´s an estimation using a few lines of code and reaching 10e10 in exponentially increasing steps.

Most #DataScience and #AI arrives to conclusions that people already know, but faster.

The real challenge is in finding things we really don’t know.

Even more: finding things we don’t know that we don’t know.

Valuation of Crypto Projects

Lets review some notes on valuation of crypto projects, using technical (network) valuation and community valuation.

The problem with predicting the movements of #cryptocurrencies or any other digital asset is that, since most of them do not generate future income (like stocks), it is not possible to calculate a long-term price or #LTV for them.… Read more...

Game Theory and Alignment of Incentives in Web3

The fundamental idea behind #web3 is about the alignment of incentives among the participants. But designing incentives to create #networks is complicated.

👉 This is the reason many the Web3 projects are not delivering any value or building real #communities.

✅ Game Theory to the rescue

There is a whole sub-discipline of economics and #GameTheory dedicated to studying how to design protocols that encourage rational actors to behave in socially desirable ways: it is called ‘Mechanism Design’.… Read more...

How to Achieve Growth

Growth is the process of taking something that was once complex and making it simple, sistematized, and subconscious.

This how you slow down time, this is how you grow. You step into chaos and create simplicity and knowingless.

You can get to the point where you can handle chaos that most people would never dream of -because you know you can deal with it, learn it, and own it-.… Read more...

Vitalik Buterin is Right

Historically, encryption technologies have always been the preserve of the powerful.

But in the 1970s and 1980s, mathematicians at Stanford and MIT made a series of breakthroughs that made it possible to encrypt messages so that only the intended recipient could read them. And also impossible to break (decrypt) by even the most powerful computers.… Read more...

The Rationalization of Morale

The rationalization of morale found in the State the new god. After French Revolucion priests were progressively replaced by politicians and bureaucrats. And these became the new “interpreters” of the will of the gods (the nation-state based on cultural or racial criteria). Faith was replaced by regulations and media messages.… Read more...

A secret code in the WC

So here´s this bathroom with that pixelated design “GitHub contributions style”.

Because of a comment I made the other day someone asked me the other how could this wall possibly contain a hidden, encoded message. Lets do a little digging into it.

A way to decode this wall would be to consider a base 3 or ternary base, by doing:

– white pixel = 0
– light green pixel = 1
– dark green pixel = 2

And now read the code.…

The Mind in Complex Adaptive Systems

The most challenging aspect of making strategic decisions in a complex adaptive system is its adaptive nature. Any human knows that the actors, or agents, operating in this systems are not fixed and unresponsive. Instead they change their behaviour as the incentives set by their environment change.… Read more...

AI and the Selfish Gene

Epigenetics theories of Larmarck applied to AI and predictive behaviour in humans. Evolution does not serve individuals, but genes propagation (Dawkins ‘selfish genes’).

Use personal data as DNA that is transfered from individual to individual in a world where individuals are just the ‘interfaces’ for genes to learn and spread across the world.… Read more...

The Universe is about Energy, Information and You

The Universe is not matter and space, but energy and information. Energy exists in the form of patterns and propagation of waves in the vacuum that fills space. Energy is the ‘hardware’ of the universe (not matter, which is just a perception). Information is the software.

The Universe is not an assembly of bits of inert matter moving passively and randomly in empty space, but a coherent and dynamic Whole.… Read more...