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Employees fail to recognise risks of biased algorithms

New research from analytics automation company Alteryx, Inc. shows that almost half of employees now believe that data ethics are “irrelevant” to their role.
Alteryx claims that as a result of poor training programmes, AI projects will continue to pose an ethical minefield for companies throughout the UK, with AI projects – and associated benefits – falling at the first hurdle.
Trustworthy AI is rooted in quality information, but with untrained employees delivering dirty data, inconsistent, biased and unusable AI is the end result.

The time is now for the synthetic data revolution

We’re going into the final sprint of the year. Time will fly by as we get stuck into the festive season, and before we know it, we’ll have a brand new year stretching out ahead of us. Not that I like to wish time away, but I can’t wait for 2022. That’s because it looks set to be a huge year for synthetic data. Forbes picked it in a list of the 5 biggest data science trends for 2022, while Gartner put synthetic data at number one in its top strategic predictions for 2022 and beyond. If we’re talking about the passing of time, going from founding Mindtech four years ago to the…

Python is now programming’s no. 1 language. This training will help you use it like a pro

TLDR: The 2022 Premium Python Programming PCEP Certification Prep Bundle offers more than 130 hours of training to become an expert Python coder, all for less than $35.It’s been building up steam for years, but after years of steadily increasing popularity, Python is now the king of the coding language mountain. For the first time in 20 years of tracking the world’s most used coding languages, the Tiobe Index put Python at the top of that list in October, ending two decades of dominance by the only two languages that ever led the index, Java and C.The Python coding language is…

The Advantages of IoT Integration in the Mining Industry

IoT in the Mining Industry: The Internet of Things is an extension of internet connectivity into physical devices. These devices are embedded with electronics that communicate and interact with other machines, sensors, connected appliances, and internet-powered equipment which can be remotely monitored and controlled.

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The IoT is changing how entire organizations operate and has the potential to transform the mining industry. It allows the industry to introduce underground monitoring and control systems to improve safety, and to automate certain…

ACR urges radiologists to take charge of artificial intelligence development, protect patient safety

“Radiologists must prepare to serve as the imaging AI experts, gatekeepers of which AI technologies are purchased by their practices, and monitors of AI performance in patient care,” Keith Dreyer, DO, PhD, the Data Science Institute’s chief science officer, said in a statement. “Not doing so is to risk patient safety and algorithm effectiveness.”

ACR said the first federated learning experiment will kick off in early 2022, hoping to produce a “highly accurate” COVID-19 classification model through industry collaboration. Participants will gain access to de-identified…

How Agriculture and Farming is Connected to Data Annotation?

Agriculture and FarmingComputer vision models are assisting farmers in a variety of ways, from crop and produce monitoring to livestock and aquaculture. Developing such applications, on the other hand, necessitates working in unstructured, unpredictable, and extremely dynamic settings, where topography and targeted objects are constantly changing and changing.Agriculture, being one of the most significant fields, requires innovative technology like Artificial Intelligence to increase agricultural output and productivity while reducing waste. GIS and geographic data, in combination with…

Mostly People, But Also Process and Technology

While financial and e-commerce companies have already gone completely digital and are using advanced technologies, other industries such as retail and CPG are catching up. Traditional organizations that were hesitant to monitor anything apart from transactional data are now pumping resources to leverage data to optimize customer interaction and provide them with a personalized experience by understanding their preferences and responding quickly. They are also driving operational efficiency and innovating with business models and products to emerge better than their competitors. Much of…

AI driven healthcare solution act as informative assistant

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries across the globe at a rapid pace. The contingencies like Covid-19 crisis act as a trigger to the technological adoption in healthcare and AI comes out as a boon to the industry. Most doctors have shifted to e-Consults on WhatsApp and other platforms now.
But still there is a gross mismatch between the huge burden of skin diseases and skills necessary to manage it, leading to a high number of untreated or poorly treated patients. An AI powered health care solution can help in timely diagnosis. Physicians now have…

Explainable AI is about to become mainstream: The AI audits are here – Impact of AI recruitment bias audit in New York…

A few weeks ago, I said that we will be increasingly faced with AI audits and that I hoped such regulation would be pragmatic.  (Could AI audits end up like GDPR).
That post proved prophetic
The New York city council has passed a new bill which requires mandatory yearly audits against bias on race or gender for users of automated AI based hiring tools
Candidates can ask for an explanation or a human review
‘AI’ includes all technologies – from decision trees to neural networks
The regulation is needed and already, there is discussion about adding ageism and disabilities to this…

Top 10 YouTube Channels Offering Free Data Science Learning

by Aratrika Dutta
August 2, 2021
Check out the top 10 YouTube channels for free data science learning.Data has become an important part of everybody’s life. Without data we are nothing. Data mining for digging insights has marked the demand to be able to use data for business strategies. Therefore, the field of data science is growing with increasing demand. Data science is not limited to only consumer goods or tech or healthcare. There is a high demand to optimize business processes using data science from banking and transport to manufacturing. Because of the increasing demand,…

A ‘Glut’ of Innovation Spotted in Data Science and ML Platforms

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These are heady days in data science and machine learning (DSML) according to Gartner, which identified a “glut” of innovation occurring in the market for DSML platforms. From established companies chasing AutoML or model governance to startups focusing on MLops or explainable AI, a plethora of vendors are simultaneously moving in all directions with their products as they seek to differentiate themselves amid a very diverse audience.
“The DSML market is simultaneously more vibrant and messier than ever,” a gaggle of Gartner analysts led by…

Large Tech Firms Prefer Building Their Own ML Components, Despite A Solution Available In Market

Machine learning has become an important cog in the wheel for the functioning of all major companies. Many companies are now building their own machine learning platform. These platforms leverage open source technologies; however, a few functions need customised solutions. For that, companies are investing in building in-house components for their machine learning platform. In this article, we take a look at a few of them.
Introduced in 2017, Uber’s Michelangelo has been in the works for two years. The goal behind building a proprietary ML-as-a-service platform is to make AI…

Amazon brings RStudio to Amazon SageMaker for machine learning • DEVCLASS

Amazon has added the RStudio development environment for the R language to its SageMaker machine learning service, claiming it as the first integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud for data scientists working on machine learning with R.

The open source R language has long been a tool of choice for statisticians, quantitative analysts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers, according to Amazon. RStudio is one of the most popular development environments among R developers for machine learning and data science projects.

Now, in partnership…

Becoming A Digital-First Organization At Verizon

With the increasing demand for data science approaches and cognitive technologies across all industries, organizations are learning how to successfully implement and manage newer, more intelligent tools and systems. What are the challenges that enterprises encounter when adopting AI and ML models for their organizations, and how can teams work to overcome these obstacles?

Anil Kumar, Executive Director – Head of AI Industrialization at Verizon
Anil Kumar, Executive Director – Head of AI Industrialization at Verizon

At an upcoming Data for AI event, Anil Kumar, Executive…

Is your AI project doomed to fail before it begins? 

Hear from CIOs, CTOs, and other C-level and senior execs on data and AI strategies at the Future of Work Summit this January 12, 2022. Learn more

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and other emerging technologies have potential to solve complex problems for organizations. Yet despite increased adoption over the past two years, only a small percentage of companies feel they are gaining significant value from their AI initiatives. Where are their efforts going wrong? Simple missteps can derail any AI initiative, but there are ways to avoid these missteps and…

A look at industry demand for data scientists – TechTalks

Data science is a popular and lucrative profession, and despite pandemic-era slowdowns, it’s still one of the sexiest jobs around. As businesses seek to employ the power of data to increasingly digital commerce, companies across industries are on the lookout for data scientists and vice versa.

These data-powered professionals have a lot to offer. From manufacturing to hospitality, data scientists can bring invaluable insights that transform the ways we conduct business, leading to greater solutions and cost-reduction opportunities. While career growth may shift by industry and…

How has the Education Industry Flourished after Implementing AI?

The leap of artificial intelligence in the education sector has helped students and educators. The pandemic has changed the dynamics altogether. With online classes, assignments, and tuitions, children and teachers all came close with the advent of AI in the education sector. Other than this, the innovation has likewise changed the manner in which educators used to instruct; they would now be able to utilize genuine guides to cause their students to learn better and faster. Artificial intelligence, whenever used to its maximum capacity, can overwhelm the schooling scene with a total…

The Difference Between Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

by Apoorva Komarraju
July 30, 2021
Data science and artificial intelligence are not the same.Data science and artificial intelligence are two technologies that are transforming the world. While artificial intelligence powers data science operations, data science is not completely dependent on AI.Data Science is leading the fourth industrial revolution. This era saw massive amounts of data being generated by people on a daily basis and data science provides a way for businesses to capitalize on this available data. Our society now has become so data-driven that every major decision is…

10 Frequently Asked Coding Questions in Data Science Interviews

by Sayantani Sanyal
October 29, 2021
Data science is an emerging field in the tech world. While interviewing for the position of a data scientist, the industry hiring experts frequently ask questions related to SQL, Python, computer science fundamentals, and also from other related domains. Hiring managers ask coding questions because data science is a highly technical field that requires collecting, cleaning, and processing data to ensure that useful insights can be drawn out of it. Coding skills can help data scientists collaborate with different stakeholders and projects and work…

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning to Strategize Operational Excellence in the Digital World

Imre Szücs: Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning to Strategize Operational Excellence in the Digital WorldoptimAIze is established with the primary goal of helping customers to achieve operational excellence in the digital world by using the power of machine learning. This start-up is focused on developing machine learning-based services to optimize the ROI of digital marketing activities. A Talented and Dedicated LeaderImre Szücs is the CEO and Co-Founder of optimAIze Marketing Solutions. He hails from the field of physics and astronomy, who later took a transition into the IT and…

Data Science Career Stories You Loved In 2021

We covered some interesting career stories that stood out in 2021 and sparked inspiration. We regularly cover stories of data scientists and professionals who made a career in data science, despite odds or who showcased a non-conventional path to be where they are right now.
Here are the Top Data Science Career Stories that inspired others through their journey in 2021. Register for this Session>>
From UPSC to Data Science: Shruti Pandey
Shruti Pandey is a former UPSC aspirant and currently a data scientist. Her journey came as a ray of hope for those who could not make the cut in UPSC….