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Llegar a la cima siendo un 1% mejor

La Regla del 1% establece que con el tiempo, la mayorĂ­a de los beneficios de un campo determinado se acumulan en la gente, equipos y organizaciones que mantienen una ventaja de un 1% sobre otras alternativas.

Aquellos que son ligeramente peores acaban con poco o nada.

Esto es resultado de la recursividad del tiempo.…

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the capacity to connect what’s apparently unconnected.

5 + 5 = ? is how most people approaches problems.

? + ? = 10 is the way creative people see the word.

#Creativity -not regulation- is what we need to improve the world.

Real #innovation does not listen to the customer. Do not ask the customers what they want. They always want better, cheaper and faster. Instead, give it to them.

Innovation is always cheaper than competition.

Its better to do something new than focusing at something that already exists.

Trying to be the best at some crowded niche is a waste of time and money.

Create your own category. Own your own category.

Mastering chaos For activities with clear and established rules, such as sports, chess, or music, the only way to succeed is to practice more than others. But for activities with evolvin...

Forget quantum mechanics; #LEGO is the real substance of things when you see life as a child.

Success requires extraordinary execution on an ordinary idea

#Success requires extraordinary execution on an ordinary idea.

#Ideas are not that important: its what you do with them what matters.

Get out there and mix it up with your idea, and you´ll find that the advocates will come to you organically.

Be as transparent as you are comfortable being about what you are passionate about: #art , tech…

Its not about the idea: its about why you do it (#purpose), and execution.

How to Achieve Growth

Growth is the process of taking something that was once complex and making it simple, sistematized, and subconscious.

This how you slow down time, this is how you grow. You step into chaos and create simplicity and knowingless.

You can get to the point where you can handle chaos that most people would never dream of -because you know you can deal with it, learn it, and own it-.… Read more...

Are you a #creator? The more insecure you feel the more you want to follow the rules of others.

But even in those moments you intuitively know what is BS and what is not.

As an #artist or as an #entrepreneur you should always follow your instinct, and make your own rules!

Creativity is the last bastion of Humanity

The culture of knowledge and training has been rendered obsolete by the Internet, which puts the answers to everything just a click away. Even if many of those answers, without the proper context, are pure garbage.

At the same time, people have been consciously idiotized through education, television, media, etc.… Read more...

Efficiency vs Creativity

Iteration is about doing the same things better and more efficiently. Big companies are specialists in this. They always do the same thing, but ever more efficiently. This is precisely why they are hungry for innovative or creative thinking.

People who specialize in efficiency are not usually the most creative.… Read more...

You need to continually make bold bets.

Bold bets are those that when successful pay for all the failures.

You may get the wrong career, the wrong partner, the wrong everything.

But once you succeed the first time, that will erase all mistakes.

Thinking is the Box

Thinking is the box.

Are you willing to renounce to your mental models, and embrace #creativity, and things as they come?

Stop thinking too much.

The problem is the process of thinking in itself.

Ideas and #creativity are not about thinking.

Detach from thought and see things from the outside, with the information that comes from #subconscious.… Read more...

Want to improve your creativity? Look for ideas to do the opposite of what you intend to do.

If you want to design the best possible cover look for ways to design the worst possible cover.

Five minutes of ‘reverse problem’ will make you flow through your frustrations, make you laugh and push past your fears.… Read more...

The kidnapped Soul

Hypnosis, kidnapping of the soul and the need to delegate.

There is something evil about doing repetitive, tasks such as writing posts or checking social timelines.

It steals attention and energy from you on something 100% tangibilized, and with very limited potential.

It steals energy from where the real potential is, which is in #creativity.… Read more...