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To start with Diffbot, sign up for a 14-day free trial. This free trial will allow you to search Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph.

After logging in, click the Search option to search the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.

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Have you ever wondered:

  • which school Apple’s employees went to,
  • what their majors were,
  • and what the most popular roles at Apple are?

We can answer these questions using Diffbot’s Search. Start with searching for the Diffbot ID of Apple Inc. by:

  • selecting “Organization”
  • filtering by “name” that “contains” “apple”
  • clicking “Search”
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You will see 61,820 results that are related to apple. Since we are only interested in Apple Inc., click “Apple Inc.”

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You will be directed to the website that shows specific information about Apple Inc. Copy the ID in the website’s URL. The ID found in the URL below is “EHb0_0NEcMwyY8b083taTTw”.

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To search for all employees in Apple Inc, click the Query tab then pass:


… to the search box.

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After clicking “Search”, Diffbot will return over 200k results.

Get Knowledge Graph

Click the graph icon in the top right corner to view the knowledge graph of the results.

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And you should see the knowledge graph like below! This graph shows the relationship between Apple Inc. and other entities. The relationships with these entities can be “city”, “employer”, “metro area”, “institution”, etc

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