From these AI-based TV shows which one would you pick as your best

With advancing technology, trends like Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Machine Learning have been in use due to their immense demand. When created as a story these technologies can be very interesting too. Here are the best AI-based TV shows for all AI enthusiasts that are must-watch.


Westworld is one of the top TV series built on a futuristic theme park with human-like androids-hosts. It is a place where people come and live their fantasies. The story starts with the founders of the theme park wanting their smart hosts to achieve Sentience, in order to discover an extensive data storage of the visitors at several Westworld parks. Then the story moves ahead in the real world where an AI-based machine named Rehoboam is trying to control the lives of human beings using data.  This is one of the AI-based TV shows that you must watch to see how interesting computer vision can be.

Silicon Valley

If you’re a data freak then Silicon Valley is for you. It starts with the protagonist where he is trying to create a product called Pied-Piper that compresses files using AI and ML. later it shifts to Pied-Pied being the world’s first decentralized internet where people’s data cannot be misused. This series has the crazy comic timing to make it more interesting. Silicon Valley gives you an insight into the toxic competition, entrepreneurship, and sacrifices required to make such products thereby making it one of the best AI-based TV shows to watch.

Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk web series on Netflix which explores the concept of infinite life where you can digitize consciousness and live how many times you would like to by transferring it to another body. The story is about a soldier from a rebel group named Takeshi Kovacs who was brought back to life after 250 years using AI. This is also one of the tops AI-based Tv shows to watch.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is one of the most complex data science and AI-based Tv shows which tells the story through the eyes of the protagonist, Elliot. He is a cyber-security engineer by day and becomes a hacker at night attacking his own company.  This is one of the AI-based TV shows that are talked about the most.


Humans take us through the social, cultural, and psychological impact of robots which we call ‘synths’. This series is set in a parallel present. Advanced robots are not only used for cleaning or other jobs but for…

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