Banknotes and ledgers are the two ways of representing and circulating value.

Banknotes are a nice, anonymous way to store and exchange value. But they can be lost, stolen, destroyed or created from scratch as fiat money.

In contrast, digital ledgers are a much smarter way to keep track. They make value 100% traceable, validate transactions, etc.

In the digital world you can’t have digital value per se. The only way to keep track of value is #ledgers.

A digital ledgers is a database that keep all transactions with the date, the amount, what account it came from, and what account it went to.

And if you keep a single, secure and consistent list of all those transactions, then you have a digital system of storing and transferring value.

This way, you will still use money as a representation of value, but it can be applied to any concept of value.

#Bitcoin is a ledger running on #blockchain tech. The future #CBDCs will also be digital ledgers, but contrary to what most people think they won´t run on blockchain.