By Peter Baltazar, Technical Writer at MalwareFox

Modern-day technical advancements are rapidly changing the world. Twenty years back, the internet was nothing as compared to today. Like the internet, the next big thing which is supposed to revolutionize the world is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

When you hear Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the intelligent robot that can make its own decision based on the situation. In actuality, AI has a lot more applications than just creating a robot. Although sci-fi movies and the creepy Facebook AI incident have made a negative image of artificial intelligence in the general people’s minds, in reality, AI has many more positive uses than adverse ones, only if used judicially.

Another term that is usually used side by side with AI is Machine Learning (ML). Many people use the term AI and ML as a synonym, which is factually incorrect, even though both these terms are closely related to each other. While AI is a concept to design an intelligent system that can replicate human intelligence and make its own decisions, ML is actually a subset of AI that helps machines learn from the data to improve and amplify their decision-making.

AI and ML have tons of applications in various fields like the Medical Industry, Finance, Gaming, Data Security, Social networks, and more. One of the fields in which they can be used progressively is Cybersecurity.

Let us know how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can contribute to making cybersecurity strong.

What are the challenges faced in Cybersecurity?

With the advancement in security technology, cyber attackers are developing new techniques to breach the tight security of the organization and attack their systems with malicious codes and programs. The threats such as ransomware, spyware, social engineering attacks, trojans, etc., are continuously growing and making the internet a spooky place for the general user.

The regular changes in the method of cyberattacks are making it challenging for cybersecurity experts to deal with them. On top of that, user’s reluctance to regularly update their devices is worsening the case. In recent times, the evolution of AI and Machine Learning has aided cybercriminals too. These technologies are illicitly used to find out the system vulnerabilities and quickly plan a suitable attack. Using machine learning, cyber attackers are able to find the high-value target from the…

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