When you imagine artificial intelligence (AI), you might think of a synthetic consciousness established by humans shown in sci-fi movies.

Other than the realm of fantasy, artificial intelligence is computer system software that performs complex tasks requiring human intelligence. These include recognizing emotions, problem-solving, making predictons and many more.

There is no doubt that AI has a wide range of capabilities, because of which it has penetrated almost every aspect of modern human life. Today we have reached a point where AI is impacting many areas such as shopping, entertainment, education, and even very basic areas such as driving through self-driven cars, home automation through IoT, etc. Along with day-to-day use in human life, AI is also changing how business is being carried out across the globe. Almost all industries have been touched by artificial intelligence in some manner either if AI is part of their manufacturing or sales or even human resources. In this article, I am sharing thoughts on how the modern era of digital marketing is using artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing – The Dynamic Duo

During the past few years, marketers have been hesitant to use artificial intelligence in marketing strategies. But today, almost every business whether it is a small shop or a Fortune 100 company is thinking of using AI somehow in their marketing efforts. Some examples include companies such as Amazon or Uber etc. who are heavily using AI in their business models somehow.

Let’s take the example of Amazon, and they are heavily using Artificial Intelligence in e-commerce to show relevant items to shoppers based on their previous services, views, and purchases. Thus, increasing the likelihood of a buyer’s first purchase or becoming a repeat customer. The personalized experience is highly sought after.

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

AI involves data collection, analysis, and then applying machine learning techniques to extract useful information out of data that results in useful insights out of data such as personalization information as well as the reactions and sentiments of customers. Such attributes have completely transformed customer acquisition in the online marketing landscape.

Digital marketing starts with the identification of prospects through Customer relationship management (CRM), which refers to a business strategy that forms a customer-centric approach and involves the maximum…

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