Too many #startups confuse big vision and trying to solve universal truths.

Big vision is important. You need a lofty, change-the-world type goal. But trying to solve things at that level uses to mean that you ain’t solving day-by-day problems.

When selling to customers, founders make the mistake of making a question that can only have one possible answer and when they get that answer they use it as a justification for their solution.

Eg “Do you have a hard time recruiting talent?” “Do you need to sell more?”, etc.

The actual pain is many levels deep, nuance and specific: you need to peel away the layers like an onion, down to the core.

Sell solutions to the underlying problems. That’s what allows you to make a difference.

Don´t make the mistake I made time ago; don´t confuse being an entrepreneur with being a consultant. Universal problems are not solvable!.