“Viruses” are a very profitable medical fraud.
The books “Goodbye germ theory” & the recently updated “Virus Mania” expose the whole fraud.

The reason,,that they have never created a vaccine that is effective for the “flu”,,and have never created a cure for the “Flu”,,,,is becasue the “Flu” is not a virus,,,it is not something you catch,,it is the bodies natural cleansing process,,when the immune system has weakened and excess microbes have built up,,this happens more in the winter because of the lack of Sunlight and Vit D,,,


’Goodbye Germ Theory’
’The Invisible Rainbow’
’Virus Mania’
’What Really Makes You Ill’

Growing evidence ‘COVID-19’ symptoms a result of 5G/wireless exposure

Here are 2 studies from 1919 showing flu is not contagious and can’t be spread/passed/transmitted, they knew 100 years ago flu was not contagious:

The virus didn’t jump to humans. It was already adapted to humans and no zoonotic reservoir can even be theorized.

There is no second wave (the US always has two humped seasonal flu waves b/c of geography).
Virus waves and plagues are not well understood. How could people in the Antarctica completely cut off by winter for 17 weeks suddenly experience a wave of colds (Corona virus) in the base?
Why do some plagues return reliably over decades, but die out over centuries?
We do not really know.


El SarsCov2 no existe,ni el 1, ni el 3(q lleva años falsamente secuenciado en el GenBank). Una secuencia quimérica exógena comprende varias secuencias insertadas en un plásmido de matrices de genes de varios virusARN ( incluso en el ADN d muchas bacterias, si no se hace la RT)

Una persona de unos 40 años de edad, ha tenido coronavirus (con síntomas leves) entre 20 y 40 veces. Es junto a los rinovirus, el patógeno causante del resfriado. Ningún coronavirus causa mortalidad. Una perogrullada q salen en cualquier manual básico de medicina.

There is no immunity for respiratory viruses… even though covid is a diesease like lyme not a virus.

What they call a virus is an exosome and something produced by the cell when it is fighting a toxic condition and can’t signal this by other means. It certainly isn’t contagious the way they claim. Our immune system functions are so poorly understood today that this is an open field for those who truly want to study something useful and ‘new’. Many are now talking about microscopic light dots dancing around cells called Somatids, these morph into different forms as if on demand to tackle problems. Even though many teams have studied these and how they behave it is still not known where they come from and what their origin is. I sometimes think reality is stranger than fiction and in this case I keep thinking about the Star Wars Midi-chlorians.

Infectious Myth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNlhF-LXc7k