The utility of NFTs has the potential to go far beyond that single-use case. They can completely redefine customer experience, community engagement, and loyalty. As a result, a new era of social interactions and commercial use cases will likely emerge in the next few years.

✔️ Blockchain technology offers an efficient way to create networks, memberships, private clubs, fan bases, customer bases, and much more.

✔️ NFTs as micro-social networks: The path to crypto adoption. When framed as micro-social networks, NFTs could lead the way to a new form of social media based on creativity, ownership and contribution.

✔️ A new social code — powered by ownership and collaboration — is embedded in the ethos of NFT culture. While the NFT narrative is still young, it is clear that community building and a social layer is driving adoption. NFTs might prove to be the catalyst needed to usher in a new wave of crypto users.

❌ But social media platforms keep releasing NFT features only to be met with shrugs. As the downturn in tech leads to layoffs across the board, it’s worth asking whether NFTs still deserve such a prominent place on the product roadmap.

❌ Platforms may have the basic idea here right — that people really do want to own unique digital objects — but the product execution is wrong. Or perhaps they are simply too early?.

Its all about communication: some people like to have a blue check on Twitter, others are using NFTs.

For example:

Beauty brands are being tipped to join the non-fungible token (NFT) bandwagon to forge closer bonds with their most loyal customers, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to do today, according to a Web 3 expert. ‘Surprise and delight’: Beauty brands can use NFTs to reinforce connection with ‘super fans’.

Sport Club Internacional or simply “Inter” in the sports world, is launching its own fan token! Fans can soon purchase $SACI tokens on all-in-one fan engagement and rewards app Ultimately, holders will have access to exclusive perks and privileges and will even have the power to influence their sports heroes!