The adoption of machine learning (ML) is nothing short of a paradigm shift. It represents a major leap forward in the life of any organization.

Why? Because ML unlocks opportunities that were previously out of reach or even impossible due to scope or complexity. In practice, ML enables companies to forge stronger customer relationships, develop new revenue opportunities, improve efficiency, make better decisions, and more.

Someday, ML will power nearly every business application. But until then, brands like NextRoll are already incorporating the technology throughout their organizations in ways that benefit their businesses, customers, and employees.

Evolving with machine learning at NextRoll

NextRoll is a San Francisco-based marketing technology company. The company helps level the playing field for ambitious marketers by making its powerful technology accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes. The AdRoll division of NextRoll can serve new direct-to-consumer brands that are hiring their first full-time marketer, while the RollWorks division of NextRoll can serve large public company business-to-business organizations that have over 100,000 employees and have been in operation for over a decade.

Historically, NextRoll account managers worked directly with the company’s customers to define advertising goals, adjust campaign settings, and report on performance. Operations staff essentially pulled one lever at a time to improve the performance of customers’ ad campaigns.

In 2012, NextRoll noticed opportunities for improvement within its operating model. While the company had account managers who were making reasonable decisions themselves, the company realized implementing technology and reporting capabilities could further advance and improve campaign results for its customers.

The nature of campaigns had evolved to include a growing list of channels (e.g., email, surface mail, social channels, etc.). In response, the executive team identified a need to explore how to better utilize new technology in their customers’ campaigns. By doing so, they could digest and synthesize data that is too complex to be managed by a single operations person. And in the new era of marketing complexity, pairing cross-channel marketing with insightful and accurate data delivers the best results. The key to the puzzle was finding the best tools to achieve that outcome for customers of all sizes.

NextRoll’s C-suite quickly identified the…

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