At its core, money is just a form of collateral. My €50 bill tells me that the economy ‘owes’ me €50 of value, which I trust I can get at some point (freedom).

Money is, and has always been virtual, based on the trust of a community of users in its value. Something that enables trade, which is basically money and value in motion.

Fundamentally money is debt. It is similar to a bond that pays zero interest and has no maturity date. It can be easily transferred from person to person and because it can be stored, it can be used as a vehicle for time shifting.

It is important to learn about money; about how the billions that move things are made. Without knowing how money is created, and how it moves through the economy, everything that follows is out of context.

And it is also crucial to understanding what will happen to people, their freedom, and their savings, as a new monetary system based on digital electronic currencies (CBDCs) takes hold.