Data Science is about extracting and creating knowledge from mass sets of data in different formats, using diverse tools such as data mining, machine learning, statistics, software engineering, etc. It’s a new field; extremely multidisciplinary, broad and deep.

A data scientist applies many techniques to research data. With AI (neural networks) you have the machine to explore patterns to see what comes out. It shows patterns but doesn´t tell you how did it find them. In fact, AI finds lots of patterns but it has no explanation for them.

The data science team will find key insights and the whys and ask the crucial questions. Data science deals with the WHYs.

Many people might believe that data science is just about coding in R, Python, Hadoop, SQL, etc. and actually most data scientists use R, Python and Hadoop-related systems. But it can be also about machine learning techniques, statistical modeling or applying any tool to create knowledge out of big series of data.