Not many people are aware that the metaverse is the answer from FB to Apple, who blocked all traffic and ad reporting in their devices (eg FB pixel).

🔵 The Rules of the Gatekeepers

For years Zuckerberg has been beholden to the rules of app gatekeepers Alphabet’s Google and #Apple.

This means: paying their fees and following edicts such as the App Tracking Transparency prompt that will knock about $14 billion off Facebook’s ad sales this year.

That puts Zuckerberg in an awkward position.

🔵 Facebook´s Plan

Facebook wants you to buy Meta’s headset, known as Meta Quest ($400), because that gives him control over whatever #metaverse marketplace he builds down the line.

If it succeeds, Facebook:

📌 Becomes the publisher and the channel at the same time (the ‘holy grail’)
📌 All the action will be INSIDE Facebook.
📌 Will know basically everything: spending habits, connections, engagement, etc.

All this plans need time to become a reality. Way more time than what is being said on MSM.

🔵 Back to Basics

☝🏻 Facebook needs reversing to a more conservative approach.
☝🏻 Idea: A Facebook Web Browser to access a “Flat Metaverse”.
☝🏻 This grants access to billions of users + control of the data.

More information:

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