OffG will be marking the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 ‘terror attacks’ in various ways throughout the month of September.

Revisiting the evidence will republish some of the key scholarly articles from the past 20 years that exposed the insufficiency of the official story.

The core facts are easily forgotten and often shredded, and downgraded either accidentally or not so accidentally. So going back to the 101 is always a good move. And there may be many here, new to skepticism, for whom it will be new and welcome information.

Covid19/11 is a new series of short films wherein prominent challengers of official orthodoxies share their personal thinking on covid19 and the New a Normal as a continuum of the war on humanity begun on Sep 11 2001. The first of these launches today.

If you have friends in the Truth movement who haven’t yet woken up to the covid scam or friends wise to the scamdemic who still think 19 hijackers brought three buildings down with two planes, we hope our Covid19/11 series might help to reach them and awaken them to the universality of the deceit.

In addition, there will be new commissioned articles, including a look at how the infiltration and destruction of one prominent 9/11 Truth group in 2006 can teach us valuable lessons about the methods and techniques of cointelpro still in use today.

So, stay tuned and watch this space…

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