We know for a fact Joe Biden took Chinese money through his son. We know for a fact Joe has a personal relationship with Xi Jinping. Biden has already stated he will let international governing bodies determine how to handle communist China.

It is clear that Joe Biden is a foreign agent operating on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. What we are hearing and seeing about further lockdowns, mandated vaccines, food shortages, is all to implement what many are calling “the Great Reset.” The plan is to end freedom.

China, and the UN, want to implement a global one world government powered by artificial intelligence and social credit systems. To implement said plans in America they must end the Constitution and take all of our rights and freedoms, including the ability to own property.

Everything you own, will become owned by the government. If you resist, you will be targeted in various ways. They’re using COVID-19 and medical tyranny as the first wave to implement these policies and control the population. This has always been about population control.

If Biden takes the Presidency, it will be the end of America as we know it. We will be forced into socialism and then full on communism in a few years. Biden will have no power. His communist handlers will be in charge. It’s why they ran a corrupt candidate with dementia.

Kamala’s husband is a lawyer and oversaw Joe Biden’s Chinese deals. She’s also on Beijing’s payroll, which is why she’s VP despite the fact she polled horribly. Even California hates her. She will do whatever China wants, and sell it as “equity” using communist dog whistles.