I believe that remote working brings with it improved diversity and a better understanding of other countries and cultures.

But you’ll often hear detractors of marketing teams dispersed geographically talking about how you lose something when staff works remotely. Without the proverbial water cooler to chat by, or after work drinks in the local dive bar, there’s no way that a team can connect. Of course, that’s not true – there are plenty of ways to help your remote crew come together and I should know. I’ve been working remotely for more than 5 years now and sharing my tips on how to work from home.

It is true, though, that it takes extra thought to And kindness can be a big part of helping people feel appreciated. So, here are some tips about encouraging kindness in your dispersed marketing team.


In an office environment, birthdays are often a big deal. Traditions vary from place to place, but bringing in cakes for colleagues or going out for drinks are all common happenings. Then there’s weddings, new babies and so on where a card goes around the building in an envelope collecting signatures and small donations that are used to purchase a group gift to support any hobbies they might have.

How do you make that happen remotely? Like most things, it’s possible to do all that from a distance. You need to use the right tools, and to make a little bit more effort.

Something Sweet

There are online bakeries that will send cake anywhere in the world. So, technically it is possible to send out a cupcake or cookie to celebrate an event. But that would also mean sharing home addresses, and generally be a lot more bother and expense than grabbing a box from Krispy Kreme on the way in.

As an alternative, how about asking everyone to have a tasty treat with them at the next daily stand-up? Dedicate the first or last few minutes of the meeting to toasting the birthday girl, or congratulating the new Daddy? Looking at the different baked treats that people bring can be an icebreaker and is a great way to start conversations about different cultures,

Gifts for your remote marketing workers

PayPal, Venmo, Google Wallet…all these and more are ways that you can send money to someone regardless of where they are in the world. When that’s done, where you buy the gift from is your choice. If you plan far ahead enough, most suppliers can get your delivery there on time. If you leave it to the last minute, then it’s probably best left to Amazon to…

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