You may be wanting to only learn the pure math behind machine learning algorithms in order to enhance your depth of knowledge. If you love pure math, I recommend a channel on YouTube called “.” Although the identity of the instructor is unknown, at the time of writing, the channel has over 80K happy subscribers. They teach some of the most reliable classic machine learning courses out there. If you want to learn the math behind algorithms, nothing can beat this . I took these courses years ago, and I still refer back to the channel whenever necessary.

Why do I love this playlist? The instructor teaches machine learning algorithms by explaining their math without oversimplifying them. 😮

To become an expert on a topic, you must gain insight. It is admirable to have a surface-level understanding of algorithms and methodologies, for example, but you will not be able to solve critical problems without knowing the underlying facts. In order to do just that, I encourage you to check out the Artificial Intelligence course (course number: ) of the MIT OpenCourseWare project on YouTube.

Since these are AI courses, they of course cover topics beyond machine learning. The instructor, the late Professor Patrick Winston, was a world-renowned lecturer and he will grab your attention in seconds. I know you will continue watching all the videos after the first one is viewed. These courses are available on the YouTube channel of the . OpenCourseWare (OCW) is an extraordinary venture that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched in 2002.

Why do I love this playlist? The instructor helps you understand concepts in full instead of only sharing his knowledge with you. 💪

Professor Patrick Winston (February 5, 1943 — July 19, 2019)

You may be preparing for a job interview and require a refresher course on some aspects of AI. A series of videos with lots of visualization and a fun instructor will help. A picture is definitely worth (at least) a thousand words. is a YouTube channel with about 466K subscribers at the time of writing. It provides a perfect combination of math and visuals. The lectures are laser-focused and as brief as possible.

In addition, the instructor, , teaches the courses in such a manner that it would be impossible for you to find yourself bored. His courses are well worth exploring if, for instance, you need to prepare for a job interview but are pressed…

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