Data shows that remote work is a practice that is not going away for the foreseeable future. We show you the research to back this up.


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The future is always full of uncertainty, and with the explosive growth of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are wondering what will happen to the workplace as the world slowly reopens. One thing that remains clear is that the pandemic has changed some things in our world permanently. Remote work is very likely one of those things.

Although some workers will have to return to in-person work as restrictions are lifted, we should continue to see an overall steady rise in remote work. Lockdowns and quarantines forced many businesses to figure out a way to work remotely, and now that they’ve seen the benefits and overcome many of the challenges, there’s simply no turning back.

Here are just some reasons why remote work is not going away.

1. The Pandemic is Not Dying Down

Thanks to the available vaccines, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19 are down in many parts of the world, but the virus is still spreading in other places. Many scientists speculate that COVID-19 will become endemic and seasonal like the flu. It will hopefully become less deadly, but at this point, it is hard to say. Bringing everyone back to office space only to have to go virtual again at some point in the future will cause unnecessary stress and waste resources.

Even if COVID-19 disappears completely, there is no reason to think that there won’t be another pandemic from a new virus in the near future. Scientists worry that due to climate change and further encroachment into animal habitats, there may be more new viruses that mutate and “jump” from animals to humans. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen, but the future is uncertain.

What we do know is that remote work is better for employees’ physical health in general. With more remote work, there will likely be less spread of other viruses and illnesses such as the common cold and the flu as we saw in 2020.

2. Businesses are Realizing the Value of Remote Work

There are numerous benefits to businesses for having a remote team. Before the pandemic, many businesses had not yet tried offering remote work, likely because they felt that productivity would decrease, workers would be unmotivated and distracted and communication would be a struggle. However,…

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