2. Is it too much to learn?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that consists of 3 main components. These components are statistics, programming, and math. Each of these components have several concepts and topics that are related to data science.

After I made some progress, I felt overwhelmed by the amount of material to cover. It was literally impossible for me to have enough time and energy to learn all of them.

Was it too much to learn? Yes, absolutely. However, I did not have to learn all of them. Nobody does.

The entire scope of data science is just extreme. Although the fundamentals are the same, the applied techniques vary depending on the domain. For instance, how data science is used in finance is much different than natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

If you try to learn about every topic, you will either end up quitting or wasting your time. Focus on the core concepts and try to master them. This will substantially increase your chance to find your first job as well.

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