Notes from The Singularity

Month: July 2022

Crypto maximalists are delusional

Most of the developing world lives out of $2 a day. Those people are not going to switch to crypto to lose suddenly $1 because some hacker, authority or ‘whale’ cracks into some marketplace.

Large institutions are not going to risk trillions of dollars in some immutable but traceable database like BTC.… Read more...

The real potential of #NFTs lies in the management of #property rights: intellectual, real estate, etc.

Managing those rights now involves long and complex processes, designed to systematically enrich the parasitic classes.

With NFTs you will buy and sell assets with orderly and efficient transactions.… Read more...

#web3 and #nfts will not become mainstream until all (centralized) players secure their interests and their share of the pie.

That is, until they control the technology and #regulation to make it happen.

hopefully they fail this time

Creativity is the last bastion of Humanity

The culture of knowledge and training has been rendered obsolete by the Internet, which puts the answers to everything just a click away. Even if many of those answers, without the proper context, are pure garbage.

At the same time, people have been consciously idiotized through education, television, media, etc.… Read more...

Efficiency vs Creativity

Iteration is about doing the same things better and more efficiently. Big companies are specialists in this. They always do the same thing, but ever more efficiently. This is precisely why they are hungry for innovative or creative thinking.

People who specialize in efficiency are not usually the most creative.… Read more...

You need to continually make bold bets.

Bold bets are those that when successful pay for all the failures.

You may get the wrong career, the wrong partner, the wrong everything.

But once you succeed the first time, that will erase all mistakes.

Thinking is the Box

Thinking is the box.

Are you willing to renounce to your mental models, and embrace #creativity, and things as they come?

Stop thinking too much.

The problem is the process of thinking in itself.

Ideas and #creativity are not about thinking.

Detach from thought and see things from the outside, with the information that comes from #subconscious.… Read more...

Want to improve your creativity? Look for ideas to do the opposite of what you intend to do.

If you want to design the best possible cover look for ways to design the worst possible cover.

Five minutes of ‘reverse problem’ will make you flow through your frustrations, make you laugh and push past your fears.… Read more...

Are NFTs the Next Evolution of Social Media?

The utility of #NFTs has the potential to go far beyond that single-use case. They can completely redefine customer experience, community engagement, and loyalty. As a result, a new era of social interactions and commercial use cases will likely emerge in the next few years.

✔️ Blockchain technology offers an efficient way to create networks, memberships, private clubs, fan bases, customer bases, and much more.… Read more...

Whats wrong with Web3?

Here´s a list of the things I think that need to get fixed for Web3 and NFTs to become mainstream.

Take it as my own view: I do not pretend there´s only this issues or that some of them aren´t about to be fixed.

– Purpose. Is it just about speculation? What does it fix and for who?.
– Complexity. Message.…

Is Decentralization a Hoax?

The future evolution of stake-based voting is hotly debated in crypto communities because true decentralisation is not just a core philosophical value but also a technological requirement.

But here´s the thing: #decentralization sometimes becomes an empty word used by centralized companies and centralized regulators to hijack innovation, and shape #web3 deployment to their interests.… Read more...

DAOs, The Way to a Networked Society?

A DAO is a group or community built around a certain mission, and is coordinated through a shared set of rules that are enforced on the blockchain. Just as the name suggests, these organizations have no central authority. Instead, they run on code agreed upon by the organization’s developers.

DAOs come in all shapes, structures, and models, depending on the team behind the project, and they are differentiated by the terms and conditions each agreed upon in their respective smart contracts.… Read more...

The Rationalization of Morale

The rationalization of morale found in the State the new god. After French Revolucion priests were progressively replaced by politicians and bureaucrats. And these became the new “interpreters” of the will of the gods (the nation-state based on cultural or racial criteria). Faith was replaced by regulations and media messages.… Read more...

NFTs and the music industry

The average American consumer spends a third of their waking hours streaming #music, and yet only 1% of music artists are able to make a living through streaming.

The state of the music-industrial complex is the definition of unfair. We live in a time where music has never been easier to record, distribute and listen to.… Read more...

NFTs: Back into a period of market consolidation

If there are any positives to a bear market, it is what happens in the absence of quick money opportunities. The thought is that the people who remain are those who truly believe in blockchain tech. If you are confident and excited about the long-term future of blockchain technology, short-term changes are less impactful.… Read more...

NFTs are pointers to other things

#NFTs are pointers, links to other things. Similar to the QR code, which is basically a link, but in here its linking a specific, unique Blockhain address with some real or virtual world stuff.

What we are doing in here is replacing a sensitive digital asset with a non-sensitive equivalent (token) that shows no extrinsic or exploitable value.… Read more...

The Centralized vs Decentralized Investment Dilemma

VCs vs DAOs is it really a dilemma?

A DAO is like the crypto version of an investment club — and it could be the solution to one of the industry’s most nettlesome problems-.

DAOs disrupt the investment market. It allows people to invest in projects, vote on decisions like fundraising, participation in projects, etc.… Read more...